Digital Design

Through our understanding of what drives users, we build websites that surpass expectations and provide a lasting return on investment.

Our team do this by digging deeply into the data and intentions behind the digital interactions made by our clients’ customers.

We then use our findings to provide long-term value to each business we work with, forming lasting relationships in the process.

Digital Design services

We use digital design processes to unlock powerful insights designed to boost performance and better connect your company with your customers.

Persona Development

Through targeted user research, we apply our expertise to develop personas; which act as representations of real users. We then use the personas we create to influence complex design decisions and create better digital products.


Through the use of powerful prototyping tools, we can present your users with clickable prototypes of your website during the development phase. We will then use the data collected based on their interactions to inform the next set of design changes.

Information Architecture

Information architecture is the process of organising and structuring website content. Placing users at the centre of digital design, it enables us to find solutions to problems and plan for user intentions, expectations, needs and goals.

UX Strategy

What are the expectations and needs of those using your website? How effectively are you catering for them on their journey? Through testing and behavior analysis, we can provide solutions to these questions through informed UX Strategy.

Usability Testing

Usability testing can be used to help you find the harmonious point between form, functionality and conversions. Through methods including persona development and clickable prototypes, we can gain  website engagement data from real users during the development phase.

User Experience Design

Prior to designing a website, we believe it’s vital to gain understanding of the user journey and exactly what it is our clients want to achieve. We then work to turn this data into actionable insights that can enhance the experience ultimately delivered through your website.

UX Audits

Have you seen a drop in sales or user interaction with your website? We can conduct an UX audit to highlight usability issues and present you with informed solutions in order for you to tackle these. This can help improve engagement and conversions.

UI Design

We use user interface design to ensure the websites and applications we design are simple to understand and interact with. Through research and implementation, we are able to anticipate user actions and facilitate these through the digital products we create.

Customer Journey

For our clients, we use customer journey mapping to analyse the entirety of the experience your customers enjoy with you. The process enables us to review the user experience from the customer’s perspective and identify points for improvement.

Our clients include

Bolsover Cruise Club
Pryor Marking
Sheffield City Region
Sheffield Council
Sheffield University
Car Take Back
Central Technology
Hendersons Relish
TC Harrison Ford
Holdsworth Foods
Whitehornes Estate Agents

Client reviews

5 out of 5 stars
5 out of 5 Average Rating based on 17 Google Reviews
5 out of 5 stars

These guys are the business. So pleased we found them

Richard Day (Puck Stop)
5 out of 5 stars

We've worked with Evoluted for a number of years and find them incredibly approachable and accommodating. The team are flexible, they listen to our requirements and understand the needs of our organisation to help us achieve our vision. I've been really impressed with their patience as we work together to get the website right, I couldn't be happier...

Juliet Moore (NOECPC)
5 out of 5 stars

I'm absolutely delighted with the work they've produced. From helping me with marketing to building my new website I have been extremely happy with the results. I had gone to meet many companies prior to meeting them, but I knew pretty much straight away that I wanted to do business with Evoluted. This was back in August 2013 and they have done lots...

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