CarMats is a manufacturer and retailer of custom-fitting car mats, offering a wide variety of styles and solutions catering to any budget.

Launching in 2020, a relatively new online retailer CarMats has experienced growth and success since launch but wanted to explore advertising using social channels. The goal of this expansion into social media advertising was to harness the exposure of TikTok as a platform and sustainably grow sales through paid social. TikTok Campaign

The Strategy

Initial outreach and research into TikTok audiences highlighted opportunities to collaborate with content creators on the platform.

Identifying creators who had curated an audience similar to the CarMats audience was important to ensure maximum exposure to viable and active members native to the TikTok platform. As a new strategy for this client, we also had to establish and streamline the collaboration process, outlining expectations for both CarMats and their collaborators.

Partnering with several creators across this platform we began creating UGC-style content which statistically performs very well with the audiences on TikTok. This content was then used to formulate ads which ran alongside one another.


  • 9438

    conversions in 6-months from Meta Ads

  • 639

    sales from TikTok Ads with a revenue of £22,860

Content Creation

Taking a client into uncharted territory can present a few teething problems, particularly when working collaboratively with third-party content creators on platforms such as TikTok.

Our strong and thorough research allowed us to identify consistently well-performing content that could be utilised in this strategy. Our initial thoughts were focused on creating content that mirrored the performance of organic content for use in a paid strategy.

Once we had identified the types of content that were successfully performing on this platform, we had to search the potential collaborators in order to ensure we were targeting the right audience with both our ads and the collaborators partnership content.

In order to establish this we turned to navigational and explorative elements of the app/platform that enable users to build a stream of content based on their habits, likes and dislikes.

Engaging with these features enabled us to identify several content creators within the ‘CarTok’ genre of content.