Evoluted x AI: Halloween Horror Posters Reimagined

by Victoria Collins
5 min read

In recent years Artificial Intelligence, or AI as it’s more commonly known, has become a technological phenomenon. The technology can be used in an array of sectors to conceptualise new visuals, perform human-like tasks and inspire future projects. 

Or, if you’re like us, you can simply use it for a bit of fun to bring your wild imagination to life…

With Halloween around the corner, our Design and Digital PR teams did just that, joining forces for a ghoulish assignment. We took our favourite posters and reinvented them, with a little help from AI. 

To create the new concepts we submitted relevant keywords from the film into an AI tool and took inspiration from the original posters to generate the new eerie images. Take a look at the 10 terrifying new posters below and see if your favourite horror has made the list:

Child’s Play

Credit: MGM

Child’s Play birthed one of the most recognisable horror villains of all time, Chucky. The red-haired doll was known for its foul tongue and fear-inducing murder scenes and now, lives on as a cult-classic franchise. 

The AI-generated alternative poster unveils a murderous doll just as creepy as the real deal. 


Credit: Paramount 

A film so iconic, it was spoofed. The slasher Scream series was one of the most prominent horror films of the 90s and induced nightmares across the globe. 

To reimagine the distinctive poster, we added slasher-related keywords into the AI technology and recreated something arguably even more terrifying than the original.


Credit: Universal

Recognised as one of the most iconic films of the 70s, Jaws had a profound effect on moviegoers across the world and caused many to develop galeophobia, a fear of sharks. 

Using AI technology to reimagine one of Hollywood’s most recognisable posters, the new poster is enough to steer anyone away from the sea. 

Friday the 13th 

Credit: Warner Bros

Never before the film’s release in 1980 was a hockey goalie mask associated with anything other than the sport. But after Friday the 13th was unleashed to cinemas, the sports face mask became a signifier of something horrifying. 

Unlike the original poster which hones in on a bloody axe, we have used the AI technology to focus on the film’s most significant murder accessory for an even creepier visual. 


Credit: Universal 

The 1931 Dracula is one of the first early horror films of its kind. Although the movie was a terrifying motion picture of its era, by today’s standards the film and poster are tame in comparison to the shocking horror films seen in cinemas 90 years on. 

Using AI technology we reimagined what the film poster may look like in 2022 and the final result is blood-curdling. 

Silence of the Lambs 

Credit: Orion Pictures

As a somewhat rarity in the horror genre, The Silence of the Lambs is regularly praised by critics and moviegoers as one of the greatest and most influential films of all time. 

While not every horror film or its poster is well-received, the Oscar-winning movie rarely attracts any criticism. In a bid to match The Silence of the Lamb's title with its poster, the AI technology incorporates a sheep’s skull, moth-like textures, death and Hannibal Lecter’s cage-like muzzle in a creepy alternative promo material. 


Credit: Warner Bros 

Stephen King’s child-killing clown was brought to life by Tim Curtis and later by Bill Skarsgård in the IT film series. 

Pennywise has been scaring adults and children alike since the nineties, and now, AI technology has reenvisioned what the murderous clown could look like. 

The Birds

Credit: Universal 

Widely seen as one of the original fathers of the thriller film genre, Alfred Hitchcock is among the most celebrated directors in film history. Recognised as the ‘Master of Suspense,’ Hitchcock has been terrifying viewers since the early 20th century to now. 

As one of his more iconic titles, The Birds had moviegoers develop a new fear of winged creatures. Now, AI technology has depicted the 1963 feature as a concept even more bloody and frightening.

Nightmare on Elm Street

Credit: Warner Bros 

Freddie Krueger has been a household name since the release of the Nightmare on Elm Street film franchise in 1984.  

Now, the horror villain who sports a black fedora, a red and green striped jumper and a knife-fingered glove has been reinvented in this creepy cartoon-like image generated by AI technology. 

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Credit: Legendary Entertainment

Although the 1976 film was produced with a budget of less than $140,000, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, grossed over $30 million at the domestic box office. It is also widely regarded as one of the best horror films of all time. 

To recreate Leatherface and his infamous murder weapon, we have used AI technology to bring an alternative and sinister vision to life. 

Using AI app Wonder, the design team at Evoluted merged the artificial intelligence visuals to reimagine the original horror film posters. 

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Written by Victoria Collins
Senior Digital PR Executive

Victoria is responsible for delivering creative digital PR campaigns for Evoluted clients, working alongside our content team to turn unique ideas into standout campaigns. As a Journalism graduate, she understands what journalists want to cover and link to and the story angles that will drive the most engagement.