We were approached by a leading Irish ecommerce retailer to launch a vertical-specific website in the UK market. 

CarRacks.co.uk specialises in roof boxes, car storage accessories and outdoor equipment. CarRacks.co.uk  have a diverse portfolio of products, all housed under one website. 

The number of products & product variants available presented both a logistical and technical challenge. How can you build an easy-to-use website with such an array of complex products?

Evoluted were approached to solve this complex problem, in part based on our experience with CarMats.co.uk.

Shopify chosen for extensibility & flexibility

SEO friendly information architecture

Shopify was chosen as the platform for the site due to its extensibility and flexibility; both key for this particular site. 

Following workshops with the client, we developed an information architecture that intelligently mapped Shopify concepts to the hierarchy required. This ensured that the user had a clear journey through the site but most importantly for SEO, that Google could understand the site.

The Shopify API was used to import stock and product descriptions from the client’s existing legacy stock management system, this enables their platforms to stay in sync.

A close knit partnership

A successful launch of a new brand

During the initial stages of this project, the Evoluted development team worked closely with the client to develop a UX and IA that enabled us to better understand their product range in full.

In doing so we were able to map out and create a site that considered the menu, navigation and site structure supporting their product offering and working exactly as the site user's expected.